Carving a solid piece of wood, the artist sought the inner life hidden beneath the bark. Alexandria was "found" on Gabriola Island, B.C., washed up on the beach at Twin Beaches. She came to life in a small carver's shop near Malaspina Galleries. A smile touched her golden lips as she beheld the Garry Oak lined path leading to the frozen stone waves of one of Gabriola Island's loveliest parks. Emerge beautiful woman, Alexandria, of the ocean's tides.

A blending of many stories are told through the eyes of the cougar, who watches through golden eyes. This carving includes the natural prey of the cougar, in the mountain goat, and the environment which is also shared by mankind. A female nude, emerges from a waterfall, a man scales a mountain, and a shaman’s visions remind us of our responsibility as wards of the environment. Mountain Thunder is carved from a solid block of maple with bone and mammoth tusk inlays.


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